dinsdag 8 maart 2011


As you probably noticed i'm not blogging so much these days, but that has a reason, and a good one!

it's carnival! They only celebrate it in the south of the Netherlands and that's were I live, everyone is dressed up, like a gladiator, princes, fireman, or an animal or something else, and me and my friends dressed up like an American, we were wearing shirts with the americanflag, some necklaces and a tiara! On the picture a little sneek peak of what I was wearing!
I've been partying for 4 days now and i'm tired as hell...
My clothes and my hair smell like cigarettes and beer, so i'm going to take a shower now and then i'm off to bed again!

Biggggggg kissssss

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  1. Ziet er leuk uit! Jammer genoeg vieren ze het hier niet, volgensmij mis ik echt was haha.

  2. leuke foto!
    heb je een leuke carnaval gehad?

    xo ,


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